lay down already! it's so nice out here. yes, it's a cage but really who cares? oh! a nice breeze! don't touch that bee you tard! i would miss the birds. the smell, not so much.


I want to cut so bad. I can feel where the blade wants to dance. but I won't. my blade to me is like liquor to an alcoholic; a drug to a junkie. I'm like them. but I am sober. the temptation is there. always. there. but I will love and respect myself and keep my blade at bay. I have to learn to deal with that addiction. and I have for the most part. it's hard. it's my drug. I love and respect myself. my body has done nothing to hurt me so why should I hurt it? and my therapy has been to write this. there. all better.

how to give a cat eye drops (a true story)

the first and most important thing about giving your cat eyedrops is to make sure its eye is infected. if it is, proceed to the vet.
if you need to go to the vet, now would be the time to pray; maybe say a few hail mary's.
next, get the cat carrier out, hopefully without the cat seeing it. now put the carrier in a small place; the bathroom is an excellent place to put it.
now, coax the kitty into the bathroom. i hope at this time you have put the carrier into the bathtub. the best position for the carrier is to have the opening facing upward. this will make it easier for you.
have 911 ready to go.
slowly coo and pet the kitty. don't let her know anything is up.
grab the kitty quickly, still cooing her.
open the shower curtain. if she sees the carrier, follow the next step.
                         pray! for the love of god! PRAY!
i hope you have a pint or two of blood ready just incase you suffer deep scratches. it would also be wise to have bandages and other first aide products …


thats too little bitch to someone
pismo sloth images of luck
i want that shit my much
i need to lose fat because i don't
let me miss out of it


my life, my world changed on what was supposed to be an ordinary monday. i will never forget that hot and steamy august monday.
i awoke to see my dad on the red phone that was in the hall, for neither bedroom had doors. when i looked at him, he looked back at me with a worried look on his face. i didn't care, so i turned over and went back to sleep. i awoke again to my dad dressing me. after i was dressed and ready to go, he scooped me up into his arms. as we walked out of the bedroom, i reached back, "my dolls", i whined. i was supposed to take a bag full of barbie dolls to summer day care that day. he mumbled, "it's okay, we'll get them later."
he opened the cold grey metal door, and unlashed the brown storm door. i thought it strange that my mom's grey toyota was still there. but what i found to be even stranger was that we passed up my dad's joy bus, a white vw van. when we reached a cluster of 4 or 5 brown garbage cans, my aunt was there w…


i looked at your face you looked forward do you even see me? mom, do you still love dad? no, i hate him for everything he's done i hug you with tears in my eyes you feel like stone in my arms i miss you, but now i can be at rest and be happy, but not yet free


The elephant trumpets.
Predictions are made.
No call received.
The butterfly flits and plays.
The frog is silent, still and waits.
Windows a washed in red.
Christ barely hangs on.
My reflection dusty and cold.
The door is open.
I am alone.