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an onion? what am i s’posed to with this? well, you’re the one who put it on my desk. oh my god! ::looking around:: i’m in school! high school? surely not elementary school. ::looking at hands:: i’m too old to be here. for god’s sake, i’m in college. ::stomps feet and jumps slightly:: i need to get out of here. ::looks for the door:: hey! i know that smell! but i don’t live near an ocean!


You have done the most grievous crime a human can do. You left on vacation to the beach. You left Skippy to starve to death. His ribs protrude. I can see every vertebrae, his hips jut out. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS? When vengeance rains down upon you, I shall smile in honour. For I if I could create this vengeance, you would suffer as you have made Skippy to suffer. I would allow the flies to eat you, to lay their eggs in you swollen draining eyes. I would give you a dry bowl, a bowl with death in it. You are so sad. You just want some love. I cant always visit you. I guess I just dont want to see, to feel your sadness. I love you. I think of you everyday. I do love you. Kenny was distraught when you got sick. When you almost died that time. He cried til he couldnt breathe. My heart ached for you both. And now does he cry? And now does he care. He is getting all tan and toastie at the beach. Your children are frolicking in the waves. I feel waves of anger and pain. If I could hunt you down…