Hail, Limax!—clammy, slimy thing,

Poor houseless wretch, of thee I sing!

Though ended is thy earthly run,

Thy glory is but yet begun.

For Science, with obtrusive pride,

Will keep intact thy mortal hide

And suffer thee, for future gain,

In best of spirits to remain.


Oakland, Cal., Apr. 15, 1900


an onion? what am i s’posed to with this? well, you’re the one who put it on my desk. oh my god! ::looking around:: i’m in school! high school? surely not elementary school. ::looking at hands:: i’m too old to be here. for god’s sake, i’m in college. ::stomps feet and jumps slightly:: i need to get out of here. ::looks for the door:: hey! i know that smell! but i don’t live near an ocean!


You have done the most grievous crime a human can do. You left on vacation to the beach. You left Skippy to starve to death. His ribs protrude. I can see every vertebrae, his hips jut out. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS? When vengeance rains down upon you, I shall smile in honour. For I if I could create this vengeance, you would suffer as you have made Skippy to suffer. I would allow the flies to eat you, to lay their eggs in you swollen draining eyes. I would give you a dry bowl, a bowl with death in it.

You are so sad. You just want some love. I cant always visit you. I guess I just dont want to see, to feel your sadness. I love you. I think of you everyday. I do love you.

Kenny was distraught when you got sick. When you almost died that time. He cried til he couldnt breathe. My heart ached for you both. And now does he cry? And now does he care. He is getting all tan and toastie at the beach. Your children are frolicking in the waves. I feel waves of anger and pain. If I could hunt you down, I truly believe I could kill you. YOU NEVER HURT AN ANIMAL AND LET ME KNOW ABOUT IT!!! I will never let you live it down. God has placed me upon this earth to exact his vengeance upon the abusers, every abuser I meet. You have been warned. If when I wake in the morning, and Skippy has died, you will be beyond sorry. For I shall truly fuck you up.


I wont let go. I wont give it up. The pain is in the water. My passions cant swim alone. I am like a fox rather crazy they seem to be saying. I can only see in black and white. There is no grey in my illness. My mother made me this way. She had me fear everything. Maybe today I will forget all that. The flame will destroy my desire for forgiveness. I know, I know, I know. Bears hide in the hail of feathers. I shall die. You make me pray. I was only a child. You ransomed off my innocence. I was a whore to the dolls. The mirror first showed her to me. Green eyes.


I hear you, but I dont know what youre saying. Your words are like music, the bass of you voice. I could dance to this conversation. Lose myself in your melody. Never stop talking to me. The freedom I get from you. So raw and yet there is beauty. Im like the moth that dances around the warmth of the flame. You are my warmth, my flame. We must run to get away from all of this. Im lost in the desert of this life. The little cup of hot water keeps us going. Read the entrails of the sheep. They will tell us where to go. Point over the horizon. Talk to me some more, this dance cant be over.


Why me?

I am lonely can't you see

Or is it just me?

Why can't I find the love

I deserve?

All my friends have,

But then again, Im not them.

Theyre all pretty,

with nice little bodies.

While I am ugly, short and fat,

You know, guys just don't buy

that. Oh well, one day Ill show them,

(my friends and the boys)

that I am much more than

rolley mounds of fat, because I

have feelings too.

just watch, they'll all

be sorry one day,

when Im the prettiest

girl around. maybe my dreams are

just too big for me, but not

for my mind or body

(if you know what I mean)


with the warm blue sky calling. who am i kidding? i need a love i'll never know. i sleep a sleep of mortals. if jesus can't save, then where will i go?the devil, he's already got my soul. the pain i feel.... oh man it's so real. my nails are always dirty, even though i do no work. i am a crazy. the voices i hear, the things i see. she's out there, and she wants me. shooting stars, i think not. under the leaves she lives. wanting to take me with her. her hair they found, and some other things too. they found part of your arm, and few more things i bet. no name. the same as me. i walk alone. my eyes see nothing but the cold hard reality of life. the trees scream. the animals slaughtered. the cows can't move. look in the barn my big fat ass! the kitten is dead. squished in the road. the frogs we run over, there's no place to go.


My mother is dead

August 5, 1985

I grieve for my childhood

I am still 9 years old

20 years ago today


I want to get on the open road and run

I have nowhere to go

Ill visit her later


How can I hurt my father the way he hurt me

I cant

He feels nothing


How can I live

What has god done to me

Yes mother

God really does hate me

The world




So why should I miss you

Because you are my mother

I love you

I miss you

You were tortuous to me


Caring when I was sick

Abusing when I was just being a child

But still

You could have taught me




But I have learned one thing from you

How not to be a mother

I will give my child all the things you never gave me


Kind words

Bed time stories

I will love my child

Unlike the way you loved me

And still

I miss you