with the warm blue sky calling. who am i kidding? i need a love i'll never know. i sleep a sleep of mortals. if jesus can't save, then where will i go?the devil, he's already got my soul. the pain i feel.... oh man it's so real. my nails are always dirty, even though i do no work. i am a crazy. the voices i hear, the things i see. she's out there, and she wants me. shooting stars, i think not. under the leaves she lives. wanting to take me with her. her hair they found, and some other things too. they found part of your arm, and few more things i bet. no name. the same as me. i walk alone. my eyes see nothing but the cold hard reality of life. the trees scream. the animals slaughtered. the cows can't move. look in the barn my big fat ass! the kitten is dead. squished in the road. the frogs we run over, there's no place to go.


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