Youre sly. I think you drink too much. Love the ladies a little too much. I feel jealous something awful! Yeah, I know you love only me blah blah blah. Atleast you dont smoke. Now about the eating dead animals thing. Im not trying to change you. I love you too much. In fact, I dont want to change anyone. I just want to help save, maybe change the world. Ah yes, its almost the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine). Can I help you? Can I save you? If you trust me enuff, then yes I can. Wanna give me that come hither look? That smile. Chambers? Aliens maybe. He knows everything. All the knowledge of the vast universes, he knows it all. He told me a little of it. Tell you? Nah youre not good enuff. I dont fully trust you. I will tell you everything, if youll kill the squirrels. Deal? Theyre just as bastardly as you are. God! I hate you sometimes! Would you rather look at her? Oh yah such a tiny little whore. Fine. I really dont care. Just sleep with one eye open Im always watching and waiting. I will get you.


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