Put the radio closer to the TV. Let them listen to each other. The metronome keeps time. Open the curtains! Let the sun in. daddy, its dark in here. The orange caveman in the whiteness carries his club of death. I strip for them. Dolls and walls. They all see my nakedness. Scrubs and shorts and boots, they dont really match. Daddy waters the flowers everyday. You open mouth kiss me. It chills me, it makes my bones ache. Did you do something I dont want to remember? I may look like her, but daddy, Im not her. You took everything away from me. My big blue bunny. Where did he go? You said you didnt know. Why do you take things away from me? My mom, my innocence. You even took god away from me. Daddy, didnt you love me? Call me. I will visit you. I love you daddy, I just dont like you. You tear my mind apart with this. be gentle. No, how can I love you. How can I hate you? You no longer exist to me. Pink nosed bunny. What are you painting today daddy? Happy? Hes silly. Paint smurfs for me. Ill put them on my wall. Make them dance. Make me laugh. Make me smile. Make me happy again.


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